Step By Step Guide Line for Change Your Own Facebook Theme , Skin, Color and Background

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website around the Internet. It is used many people but facebook dose not allow users to any customization. Users can not share their own colorful creativity mind through their facebook profile.
 Today it is possible to change your own facebook account theme as you like. You can make colorful your profile. You also able to set you own background Image on you facebook account. Set any layout as you need. Choose any color scheme from thousands plus facebook themes. Here I show you How can you do this dreaming change on your facebook profile.
Follow the Simple steps bellow to enjoy a beautiful Theme on Facebook

  • You Need to Setup an facebook plugin (facebook application) on Your Computer
  • Then choose any theme.
  •  Download the Plugin From Here
  • This plugin is virus and spyware free (Proved by Mcafee and Kaspersky)
  • You can choose directly facebook themes From Here without install plugin (Plugin will be installed automatically )
  • Important: You Must Login First on Your facebook account from your Computer
  • Go to this page  after login to your facebook choice an Theme and click to the install link.
  • Then you will go to facebook application install confirmation page. Facebook will want permission from you to install the application. Click the allow button.
  • Back to this page and Share this page on facebook to suggest your friends ( suggest 20 friends ) A very pertinent observation : This change is shown only for you and your friends who went on to download the program onlyWatch to ensure that your new format should invite your friends to download the program and your friends enjoy the new format

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